Levi cheering on the Auburn Tigers!

Levi cheering on the Auburn Tigers!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rare, quiet moments

I am sitting in bed right now with EVERYBODY, yes everybody asleep. Dogs went first, then Levi and then Heath. Wahoo! So many things are running through my head like should I be productive and clean while I can or should I just watch every show that I want to watch, although I am secretly becoming addicted to the Disney channel. Who doesn't love Handy Manny & the Imagination Movers? I could do some much needed laundry, go ahead and catch some ZZZ's, or play on the internet. There are way too many choices! My sweet dad reminded me today that it has been like 12 years since I was in high school, and that got me thinking, which is never a good thing. In high school and college, I used to think I was so busy. I mean only having a 1/2 a day to lounge around and go eat with friends was way too stressful! It is definitely funny how God does prepare you (if you wait for Him) for each phase and step in your life. I am learning (being such an expert parent seeming I have done it for a whopping 17 months!) there is a reason for a nine month pregnancy and for each stage of a child's life. I definitely could not handle a teenager right now, but making sure Levi has a clean diaper and is fed is fairly manageable right now. The little turkey is extremely busy, but I would say, most kids are at this age. I am learning the best thing for Levi is to send him to the backyard with both dogs and let him be. I keep a watchful eye, but kinda just let him do his thing. It is a win for everyone...he gets to explore and play and my house keeps from being completely demolished!:) Ok, I am rambling and I am going to attempt to get some sleep while I can. The dangerous thing is I am not promised a quiet night tomorrow, so better enjoy now.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Meeting Alton Brown

We had a busy day, but were able to end it all with a nice surprise for Heath. Levi and I had been planning it for a little over a week. Heath LOVES Alton Brown, and I knew he was coming to Books-A-Million to sign books. We ate dinner at Five Guys with our close friend, Brett Wood, then followed up with the book signing. It was extremely crowded, but luckily, everyone with a baby was allowed to move to the front of the line. It was great because Levi was done with the crowds and was literally reorganizing all the bookshelves. We managed to get a pic with Alton, get our book signed and leave all before getting kicked out of BAM. All in all it was a good day!:)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Levi's Obsession

Oh, I forgot to mention the fact that Levi has learned how to open Taft's crate, crawl in, and just chill with the dog. I have been very tempted at times to close them both in there!:) I wonder if that would be considered bad parenting?


Wow! Levi keeps me busy these days. I can't imagine having several little ones!:) I would really like to get on here more, but I find my computer time dwindling more each day. I am actually doing good to go to the bathroom, and even that seems overrated some days! He has really been wearing me out. I think this kid hates to sleep worse than his dad. Up until last week, I had not really seen Levi throw many fits. Well, he has quickly mastered it. It is almost like it has been rehearsed. Everyday at nap time he throws his head back, sticks out his tongue as far as he can, kicks his legs, and proceeds to scream at the top of his lungs. He looks like the exorcist has taken over his body. Taft, our dog (for those who don't know him), puts himself to bed when Levi starts this new routine. It really freaks the dog out. To be quite honest, I am not really sure how I feel about it. It scares me at times as well! Right now, he is sound asleep in HIS bed. He looks so sweet and peaceful. I could just kiss him all over. No matter how challenging the day is, it is always a blessing and a gift from God.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


We are so excited you're visiting our family blog! It seems life changes so quickly and so dramatically everyday, so we decided to create a blog to share with our family and friends. Heath and I have been married for nearing 7 years, but have been together since I was 15. Up until last May, we were the proud parents of 1 rowdy golden retriever, Taft. Yes, he was named by my husband after Senator Robert Taft. Taft is a sweet dog, but he barely passed obedience school. In May, we became even prouder parents when our son, Levi Franklin, was born. He weighed 8 lbs, 2 ounces and was 21 inches long. Having him has truly been one of our greatest adventures. I can definitely say he has been our little experiment! We are certainly amateurs, but hopefully, he won't resent us too bad when he gets older. Keeping up with my boys is a 24/7 job! Our house has gone from rowdy to chaotic. We can't wait to share our stories with you, so please check back often for your daily dose of laughter!